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• 3/7/2018

Rushing bases is becoming a big problem

Maybe if we can make a strict rule that you will only find the th level that you have then max th levels that don't have that many trophies will automatically find the rushed bases and they can easily deal with them too which would just stop this problem entirely.
Am i right ?
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• 12/26/2017

TH 12

Wiz tower*1
Eagle artillery lvl 3
Barracks lvl 15
D.barracks lvl 10
New heroes prince & dark prince & infinity brothers
Air defence lvl 10
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• 12/15/2017

new spell

zap spell
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• 12/15/2017
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• 12/15/2017

town hall 12

ice wizard ice golem ice pekka
(the ice gowipe)
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• 7/30/2016


Balrogs are simmlar to a Lava Hound but more bigger and firecer and they carry a whip and they are the last troop in the Dark Barracks.

Description: These Hellspwans were created in the Pits of Utummo by their Dark Master Melkor
HP: 20000
DPS: 1000 (And the whip can attack over walls).
Housing space: 24
Training Cost:10000 DE
HP: 45000
DPS: 2000 damage
Training Cost:11000 DE
Research Cost: 20000 DE
Available at:Lab lvl8
Research Time: 31 Days
And it also Gives it wings enabling it to fly over obstacles.
Constrictive Crticsim is aprreciated and leave a Kudos if you Enjoyed!
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• 7/28/2016

New Trap:Cage!

This is a new trap idea,the cage.The cahe is a trap that will trap all units that pass through it,making them not move and not helping.After the cage traps a unit,it appears and becomes a building like the hidden tesla.However, unlike the hidden tesla, it will not appear after 51%,because it is unneeded to appear because it doesnt bother the %age,like walls.It is unlocked at TH9.Stats:
Level 1:
HP:Tesla Level 6
Max Unit Number:15
Cost:750000 Gold
Re-Arm Cost:None
Unlocked at:TH 9
Build Time:None
Level 2:
HP:Tesla Level 7
Max unit number:20
Cost:2000000 Gold
Re-Arm Cost:None
Unlcoked at:TH 10
Build Time:1 Day 12 Hours
Level 3:
HP:Tesla Level 8
Max Unit Number:25
Cost:5000000 Gold
Re-arm Cost:None
Unlocked at:TH 11
Build Time:2 Days
Level 4:
HP:Tesla level 8 + 75
Max Unit Number:35
Re-Arm Cost:None
Unlocked at:TH 12
Build time:3 Days
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• 6/29/2016

Ice Themed Hero (Sherbet Mage)

This hero would be unlocked when you reach the Crystal League, and will cost 25,000 dark elixir to construct. It would shoot magical glowing ice shards that damage and slow down buildings. He will primarily target defenses, but can also damage the surrounding buildings. His ability in attack mode is that he freezes traps disabling them for 10 seconds. His ability in defense mode is immunity to freeze spell effects. These abilities are unlocked at max level (Level 2) here are the statistics.
LVL 1-
DPS: 20 | HP: 500 | AS: 1 sec | MS: 45 | SD (defense attack speed decrease): 10% | Cost: 25,000 dark | Regeneration Time: 5 minutes
LVL 2-
DPS: 50 | HP: 1,500 | AS: 1 sec | MS: 45 | SD: 50% | Cost to Upgrade: 50,000 dark | Upgrade Time: 20 minutes | Regeneration Time: 4 minutes
"The ancient legend of the Yeti is fake, but there is one human that surpasses its abilities to an extent. This frosty sorceress generates ice shards that explode on their targets. She has a range of abilities in this area."
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• 6/24/2016

Firework Pack

Go here for the main thread.
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• 6/23/2016

TH11 and TH12 Troops

I think that the baby dragon and the miner opened horizons for future elixir troops in CoC,when most of us thought that the PEKKA was and would be the last E troop.So,now I suggest 2 new troops for TH11 and TH12.
TH11 Troop:The Musketeer!
Description:''This fierce woman always has her musket with her!She hates seeing cannons unkilled!''
Look:Lvl 1/2=She looks like a musketeer in CR.
Lvl 3/4=Her helmet and musket turn gold.Her hair turn a darker purple.Her armor turns blackish.
Range:3 tiles
Movement speed:16
Attack Speed:1 sec.
Prefered Target:None,if within cannon's range,cannons
Training Time:5 min.
Housing Space:8
Special:X1,5 DPS against cannons,-10% HP against AT
Training Cost:10000 E
Training Cost:11000
Research Cost:5000000
Available at:Lab lvl8
Research Time:9 Days
Training Cost:125000
Research Cost:7500000
Available at:Lab LvL9
Research Time:11 Days
Training Cost:1400
Research Cost:9500000
Available at:Lab Lvl 10
Research Time:14 Days
TH12 Troop:Sparky!(Not the sparky you know,you will see!)
Description:''Sparky is the giant's young cousin.His fists are weak,and instead he is holding an elixir fed tesla!When he is killed,his tesla buddy keeps into battle!
Look:Lvl 1/2:He is a giant without beard wearing a steel chestplate and boots.His tesla is a lvl4.
Lvl3:His tesla turns lvl7.His black steel chestplate and boots become dark blue,while he is wearing a pair of green goggles
Range:2 tiles
Movemnt Speed:16
Attack Speed:0,5 Seconds
Prefered Target:Defenses
Training Time:5 mins.
Housing Space:10
Special:When killed,a friendly tesla is summoned!
Double damage to pekkas!
Training Cost:8000
Tesla Level:4
Training Cost:12000
Research Cost:900000
Available at:Lab level 9
Research Time:12 Days
Tesla Level:6
Training Cost:15000
Research Cost:10000000
Available At:Lab lvl10
Research Time:14 Days
Tesla Level:7
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• 6/22/2016

Enemy base reveal

You can only see a few enemy bases in war. They will be revealed by using a specific amount of reveals.
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• 6/17/2016

Level 12 Wall

This wall level will be unlocked at Town Hall 12, and the theme will depend on the theme of Town Hall 12. It would have 7500 Hitpoints, and it would cost 5,000,000 gold/elixir to upgrade.
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• 6/17/2016


The Rifleman comes from Boom Beach. It is an Easter Egg in CoC (When TH 12 is added).
The 6 Levels it has will give the same stats as in Boom Beach. Here is how to unlock him:
Must be TH 7.
You must summon an Archer on the sand part of the base.
In your lab, and in your barracks, you can now train and upgrade the Rifleman!
Cost: 500 Elixer.
Range: 4 tiles.
Housing Space: 2.
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• 6/15/2016

Increase the time limit to 210secs again

My most hated update change ever was when supercell changed the time limit back to 180secs. If I was in charge, I would increase the time limit to 540secs and NEVER move back on my decision. Unfortunately, there are too many time-lovers for THAT to happen. Although 210secs is quite a reasonable request. It would massively decrease the amount of times people would plant an F bomb in clan mail because they were one dragon breath away from a three-stat.
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• 6/15/2016

Heal spell 7, Jump spell 4, wizard level 7, Heal spell change.

Heal spell level 7 would make the heal spell less of an underused spell, as currently it is only used in hog raids and my own gowiheal attack.
Level 7 heal spell would, unsurprisingly, be unlocked at TH12, have 1800 total heal,and cost 28000 elixir.
Lab level=10
Research cost=12,000,000
Research time=14d
While I like my gowiheal attack, I feel that wizard+heal spell is slightly over powered. I think that heal spells should heal wizards 20% less, because who knows what would happen if someone with level FIVE golems discovered my gowiheal attack. When wizards are under a heal spell, giant bombs are the only counter.
Wizards 7 would compensate for the suggested healing needs to them, because I feel 20% might be slightly overkill. They would around 180 HP (I think 177), around 200 DPS (I think 204), and 4,000 elixir cost.
Lab level=10
Upgrade cost=15,000,000 elixir (TH12 level 13 storages should hold 3,000,000 each)
Upgrade time=17.5d (2.5 weeks, 84 hours longer than X-BOW level 4 upgrade)
He would have dark green clothes and shoot black magic orbs that appear to shoot out phosphorescent bones on impact.
Jump Spell 4 would have a 75 second duration (or 60 seconds if jump spell 3 is 50 secs.)
Cost=35,000 elixir
Research Cost=10,000,000 elixir
Lab level=10
Research time=12d
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• 6/14/2016

Builder split

I talked about this on another website but I was thinking that more than one builder could work on one "project" to make the time shorter.
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• 6/13/2016

Healers 5 (Will probably have stats within the ranges I suggested) THE TH12 UPDATE HEALER COMEBACK

HP=1400-1700 (1400 would be a bit low, 1700 would be a bit high)
HPS=90-115 (90 would be a bit low, 115 would be a bit high)
Training Cost=12,500 Elixir
Upgrade Cost=10,000,000 Elixir
Upgrade Time=12d
Lab level=9 or (if added at TH12) 10
Appearance=changes to an orangish peach color just like level 3 changed her to a pink color.
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• 7/27/2016

Rainbow Elixir

See also:
Rainbow Elixir is a type of magical elixir that renders dark elixir obsolete! This is what the toughest heroes can consume!
Rainbow Elixir Collector:
Cost: 10,000,000 Elixir.
Number Available: 1 in TH 12.
Rainbow Elixir Collector LVL 1: 1,000 HP. Collects 5 Rainbow Elixir per Hour; capacity: 50. Captacity increases by 50 every lvl. Collection increases by 5 Max lvl is 5.
Rainbow Elixir Storage: 8,500,000 Elixir. Unlocked: TH 11. Holds 2,000 Rainbow. HP: 1,000. Max Lvl: 4. Holds 10,000 Rainbow Elixir. HP: 2,000.

I made it a point that collectors aren't available in TH11 so as to encourage players in actively looting from TH12s.
(Edited by Admiral Interstellar, Tables to be added)
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• 6/11/2016

New CoC troops!

These originally came from Clash Royale (some). But i think they would make a GREAT CoC troop!
1. Princess. Range: 11.
Way it's balanced. A Mortar, EA, X-Bow can target it. Unlocked at: TH 11. Stops Rushers. Unlocked: TH 11.
HP: 260. LVL 2: HP: 300. DMG: 360. LVL 2: DMG: 440.
Cost: 100 Rainbow Elixer (coming very soon!) Housing Space: 15.
Movement Speed: 8. Splash: 4 tiles. Attack Speed: 4 seconds.
Best Tactic is just mass Princess. Bring all Heal Spell and 2 Skeleton Spells (one from CC). This can gurantee atleast a 1 star if done correctly.
It's a good clean up troop. Outranges most Defenses which makes it great as a P.E.K.K.A in GoWiPe
Place your X-Bows, Eagle Artillery and Mortars carefully enough so they cover much of the base.
Every Corner should have atleast 1 Xbow.
Mortars can easily wipe this out unless a Heal Spell is healing her.
Second Idea: Undead Spell.
DE Spell. Unlocked at TH 10. Revives dead troops that came from YOU. Heals up to 35 Housing Space of troops (20 at lvl 1, 35 at lvl 4). Housing Space: 3. Revives troops at half HP. Cost: 350 DE.
Last but not least: The Smoke Spell!
Unlocked at: TH 12 in the Rainbow Brewery (Coming soon!)
Cost to make: 35 Rainbow Elixer.
Housing Space: 3. Blinds Defenses from attacking for 2, 3, 4 and 5 seconds. Does not stack. Does NO damage.
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• 6/10/2016

Suggestion Spell (Zap)

Fresh idea from Clash Royale, a dark spell that will stun all defenses within a short range in the form of electricity. Unlocks at Dark Spell Factory level 5 at Town Hall 10, and can be upgraded to level 2, 3, and 4 at Laboratory 9 in Town Hall 11. Here are the statistics.
Lvl 1-
Damage: 85|Range: 0.1 Tiles|Stun Time: 1 second|Brew Cost: 237
Lvl 2-
Damage: 95|Range: 0.5 Tiles|Stun Time: 2 seconds|Brew Cost: 241|Research: 10000
Lvl 3-
Damage: 105|Range: 1 Tiles|Stun Time: 3 seconds|Brew Cost: 245|Research: 20000
Lvl 4-
Damage: 120|Range: 2 Tiles|Stun Time: 5 seconds|Brew Cost: 249|Research: 40000
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