As of June 13,there were 2 admins, one discussion moderator and the founder of this wikia:Admiral Interstellar(founder),Dragonlordcoc, Diamondcraft (admins) and Witherman50 (discussion moderator)

In June 14,Diamondcraft was also promoted to burecreat for his faith and good edits in this wikia.

In June 15th, Witherman50 was promoted to admin from Discusscions Moderator for warning Admiral that Utkar had told Brady that Admiral had been mean to others.

However,sadly, on June 16,Admiral Interstellar was permanently blocked from this wikia for enragement against others and bad language.So,as of June 16,there are 1 burecreat(Diamondcraft,The new most powerful wiki contributor) and 2 admins (Dragonlordcoc., Witherman50., More about them:

A minecraft-addicted burecreat which mostly contributes in the update suggetions board.He also likes playing fun games!

He was the founder of the TH12 update challenge.He likes drawing,he is funny,he contributes in the update suggestions board and apparently he is a dragon....:)

Founder of Snowball Wizard, Rainbow Elixer, Smoke Spell and Princess for CoC, he will take all your gold and bribe Supercell with it to add his ideas! HIDE YO COINS AND YO GOLD.

hey. i'm wizardoz52210. i don't know how i was added here, but it's REAL spontaneous. anyways, i hope you have a good time here. see ya.