Balrogs are simmlar to a Lava Hound but more bigger and firecer and they carry a whip and they are the third last troop in the Dark Barracks(Dark Barracks Level 10).


Description: These Hellspwans were created in the Pits of Utummo by their Dark Master Melkor.No Water or Ice is problem for them!


HP: 10000

DPS: 250 (And the whip can attack over walls).

Housing space: 50

Training Cost:1200 DE


HP: 14500

DPS: 500

Training Cost:2000 DE

Research Cost: 180000 DE

Available at:Lab lvl10

Research Time: 21 Days


Housing space: 40


Range:7 tiles

Special:Whip deals damage to all building it passes

Normal Snowball Tower snowballs dont deal damage

Movement Speed:12

Attack Speed:2,5 seconds


The Balrog is a really powerful and tanky troop.His power is like one of a PEKKA,and his tankiness is better than a lava hound.However,its cost is big and is really a problem that a full barlock raid would cost over a barb king unlock.Also,they might be tanky and really powerful,but they will not target defenses,so they will fail easily.It is suggested to have 3 Golems,2 Barlocks(170 HS so far),fill with wizards and bowlers and WBs.For spells,it is suggested to have 2 Joy(Half a Jump Spell),2 Dizzy(Half a Confuse Spell),1 Freeze,1 Killer,1 Rage and 1 Poison.In the CC,ask for healers and 1 Medical Spell.