The clash-copter is an update suggestion too complex to be a conversation in the forums! The concept is hard to explain, but I will do it the best I can.

Purpose Edit

The clash-copter is a structure that would be unlocked at Town Hall 11 for 10,000,000 gold. It seems expensive, but will help tremendously. It allows rushed players to level up quicker by going out on an up to 2 hour adventure that earns gold, elixir, and sometimes dark elixir. That also helps players keep a decent amount of recourses. The clash-copter can also lead to a new campaign map against Minion horde. These campaign levels are harder, but way more rewarding.

Minion Horde campaign maps Edit

  1. Cloud of Darkness-Part 1
  2. Cloud of Darkness-Part 2
  3. Dark Frenzy
  4. Airline Defense
  5. Wizard's Team
  6. Raging Spy
  7. Warden's Clone
  8. Elixir Garden-Part 1
  9. Elixir Garden-Part 2
  10. Elixir Garden-Part 3
  11. Dull Futures
  12. Spriteless Past
  13. Mortar's Dream
  14. Cannon Utopia
  15. Minionopolis
  16. Converging Waters
  17. The King of the Gargoyle
  18. The Queen of the Gargoyle
  19. Fight the Feelings
  20. Darkest Finale

Clash-copter expiditions Edit

Location I Edit

Location II Edit

Location T Edit

Location V Edit

Location X Edit

Location M Edit

Location 999 Edit

Facility X Edit

Facility Y Edit

Facitity 999 Edit

30 minutes

1 hour

2 hours