The confuse spell is a new spell unlocked in Spell Factory level 6 and unlocked in TH11.To make the SF level 6,you need 6,4 million E.What it does is:It confuses all defenses in radius and makes them hit other defenses and are considered as opposing troops to all defenses,making them hit the confused ones and the confused ones hitting them.It takes 4 spell housing space.It goes up to level 3.Here is al list of all the defences and their duration in each level:

Cannon:4 secondes(lvl1), 6 seconds(lvl2), 9 seconds(lvl3)

Archer Tower:4 seconds(lvl1), 5,5 secons(lvl2), 8 seconds(lvl3)

Mortar:3 seconds(lvl1), 4,5 seconds(lvl2), 7,5 seconds(lvl3)

Air Defense:3 seconds(lvl1), 5 seconds(lvl2), 7,5 seconds(lvl3)

Note:The air def will hit itself

Wizard Tower:2,5 seconds(lvl1), 4 seconds(lvl2), 7 seconds(lvl3)

Air Sweeper:3,5 seconds(lvl1), 5 seconds(lvl2), 7,5 seconds(lvl3)

Note:Air Sweepers will still send air to your units,but now, the air would make the units come closer to the AS

Hidden Tesla:2 seconds(lvl1), 3,5 seconds(lvl2), 5 seconds(lvl3)

Note:It will not only deal damage,but it will also reveal itself if not already

X-Bow:0 seconds(lvl1), 1,5 seconds(lvl2), 3,5 seconds(lvl3)

Inferno Tower:0 seconds(lvl1), 1 seconds(lvl2),  2,5 seconds(lvl3)

Eagle Artillery:0 seconds(lvl1), 0 seconds(lvl2), a shot(lvl3)

Snowball Tower:0 seconds(lvl1),0,5 seconds(lvl20),2 seconds(lvl3)

Now,some interesting notes:

Note 1:The spell will have the longest duration(aka the cannon duration).All defenses that have less confuse duration will be activated later on.

Note 2:0 means it doesnt affect it in a level

Note 3:The EA will hit once in level 3 and then will come back to normal


Level 1:40,000 E(Research Cost:6 mill.)

Level 2:44,000 E(Research Cost:8 mill.unlocked in lab level 9)

Level 3:50,000 E(Research Cost:10 mill.unlocked in lab level 10)


This is what the spell looks like!