• When a Flare is deployed and lands, all troops except Healers will move towards it regardless of what they are doing.
  • If the troops reach the Flare before it stops smoking, and the Flare was not dropped on a building, they will turn around and attack the nearest building.
    • Similarly, if the Flare's timer runs out before the troops reach it, the troops will stop for a brief moment and then target the nearest building.
    • If the Flare was placed on a building and it is destroyed before the timer runs out, the troops will target the nearest building normally. Any troops that were still approaching the building will stop moving toward it.
  • Flares are brewed in Dark Spell Factory.
Brewing Cost
Dark elixir
1 3s 150
2 5s 180
3 7s 220
4 9s 260
5 10s 310