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Number available: TH8=1, TH11=2

Levels available: TH8=1, TH9=2, TH10=3

Level 1


Build time: Instant

Dps after 10 seconds: 126

Hp+ to buildings after 10 seconds: 126

Size: 1×1

Trigger radius: 3 tiles

Mud Splash Radius: 6×6

Slowing %: 10%

Level 2


Build Time:18 hours

DPS after 10 seconds: 183

Hp+ to buildings after 10 seconds: 183

Slowing %: 15%

Level 3

Build Time: 60 hours (2.5 days)


DPS after 10 seconds: 251

Hp+ after 10 seconds: 251

Slowing %: 18%

Cost to max: 850,000

Cost to max both:1,700,000

Total Build Time: 78 hours (3 days and 6 hours)

Total Build Time for Both: 156 hours (6.5 days)

How it works

The Mud Trap is a 1×1 trap that will cause your opponents to slow down. It will explode once a troop gets withing a 3 tile radius from it, covering everything withing the area with mud.* After 10 seconds, the mud will dry, causing each troop that passed through or is in the area a small amount of damage. All buildings affected will now gain that same amount.

*buildings do not turn brown like the enemy troops do, but a timer will appear over them. After 10 seconds, the timer is replaced by a brown shield with its own HP bar. This must be attacked before the tower.


Place the mud Trap near key structures, such as a town hall or gold storage. Troops attacking will be slowed, giving defenses more time to attack. Or, place it near a 2×2 structure like an inferno. And melee troops attacking it will immediately be slowed, and ranged troops near the area will also be affected.

On offense, don't send in huge amounts of tier 1 troops for the townhall or important structures. Instead, test with a tier 1 troop, then if the area is safe, spawn in more. Otherwise, spawn in the barbarian king or another Tanky unit to crush that building.