Description Edit

"This fierce female warrior shoot her firey arrows from outside most defenses' ranges. Place her properly, and devastation will begin."

The Princess is unlocked in the level 1 Rainbow Barracks, availible at townhall 11.

Stats Edit

Level 1 Princess

Hp: 260

DPH: 360

DPS: 90

Cost: 10 Rainbow Elixer

Level 2 Princess

Hp: 300

DPH: 440

DPS: 110

Cost: 20 Rainbow Elixer

Research Cost: 2,800 Rainbow Elixer

Lab Level 9

Level 3 Princess

Hp: 350

DPH: 500

DPS: 125

Cost: 30 Rainbow Elixer

Research Cost: 3,400 Rainbow Elixer

Lab Level 10

Other Stats:

Movement Speed: 8

Range: 11

Splash 2×2 radius

Housing Space: 15

You can hold exactly 16 princess in fully maxed army camps, plus 2 in the clan castle Level 5 and up, making it a total of 18 princesses.

The Princess' range is larger than both the Eagle Artillery and Mortar's blinds pots. Plan carefully!

Stratagy Edit


Place the princess in smaller groups of 2-3 with tanks in front to take out and distract eagle Artillery. If they do get targeted, use the wardens ability to keep them alive and hope their DPS can take down the EA before it fires again. Giants, Golems, or Balrogs would be a good tank. Pair these troops with valks or pekkas for a very dangerous stratagy...


Place Mortars and x-bows so they protect your imortant structures from Princesses. Make sure the Eagle Artillery is Centered.