The shop is basically a trading place. It is unlocked at TH 7.

The shop can be found in the chat as a seperate bar. Pressing it will bring you to a menu, letting you trade 2 Gold for 2 Elixir (gets higher as you purchase) 2 Elixir for 2 Gold. 2 DE for 2,000 elixir or gold. And 20 Rainbow Elixer for 200,000 Gold or Elixir or 2,000 DE for 20 Rainbow Elixer. You can also trade resources for gems. (100,000 Elixer for 10 gems).

You can also trade and sell items with other players. Press a button saying "Start Trade" or "Find trade."

Then select the amount of loot or gems you wanna sell. Set the price (or use the auction system).

The auction system allows you to sell resources or gems for a price. Set the asking price. The max is 10,000,000 to place, 10,000,000 is the max to bid. If you have the highest price, you get the loot. You also can only hand out loot higher then 100,000 (for gold and elixir). (10,000 DE) (100 Rainbow Elixer).

But beware! Users can troll (10,000,000 to bid, 100,000 to get). Don't fall for it!

Also, you can title your bids.

Anyways, thanks for listening! I know i never suggested it but i feel it is such a good idea!