Suggested by Masterk2005; Amended by Admiral Interstellar
See also: Side Quest Campaigns

  • There are specific levels of the side quest campaign, similar to the Single Player Campaign but with all kinds of twists.
  • With the Scanning Array, you can scan for side quests.
    • With the level 1-2 scanning array, you can scan for 1 side quest a day. Level 3-4 scanning arrays can be used to scan for 2 missions a day. You can scan for 3 in a day if your scanning array is level 5. If you have accomplished all available side quests, you can scan for missions for 20 gems. The reward is based on the difficulty of the side quest.
    • Campaigns won’t be randomized: they are based on your experience level.
    • Every scan cost 5 spy drones. 1 spy drone costs 10k gold and elixir.