Description Edit

Sparky is the giant's young cousin.His fists are weak,and instead he is holding an elixir fed tesla!When he is killed,his tesla buddy keeps into battle!

Stats Edit

Level 1

Hp: 900

DPH: 50

DPS: 100

Cost: 22 Rainbow Elixer

Level 2

Hp: 1012

DPH: 60

DPS: 120

Cost: 36 Rainbow Elixer

Research Cost: 3,200 Rainbow Elixer

Lab Level: 9

Level 3

Hp: 1500

DPH: 75

DPS: 150

Cost: 54 Rainbow Elixer

Research Cost: 3,600

Lab Level:10

Other Info

Movement Speed: 16

Attack Speed: 0.5 seconds

Preferred Target: Defenses

Range: 7

Housing Space: 10

When the Sparky dies, he drops his modified tesla, which continues the fight, doing the same amount of damage as the Sparky, but only having 1/5 of his HP. It will target any opposing buildings or troops in the area, until none are left or the tesla dies. It will be targeted by defenses, so beware.

Stratagy Edit


Place Sparkies like you would place a Bowler - in a line, so they can attack over the walls. Make sure you put other troops behind to clear up trash buildings. A small number of high HP troops (like a long golem) would be best so that the Sparkies can clear the front row without dieing.


Place your defense buildings in a ring so the Sparkies will go around. Put hidden teslas to lure them around and try to group them up so an Eagle Artillery can destroy them.