August 19 Version


Now, we all know that Supercell will most likely eventually introduce town hall level 12. Many users have tried expressing their suggestions in an attempt to enhance the game, but only came to the brutal realisation that no one flips through those sea of suggestions. As a result, some great suggestions are now long lost. Don't want your idea to be one of those that were lost in the bunch of ideas?
This is the place where your ideas are cared for! Make your suggestions in the Update Suggestion Board!
Admins will make a permanent page for your idea! After completion, I'll post these ideas here!

by Admiral Interstellar

What’s new for this version

  • 3 New Troops,The Barlog,The Musketeer and Sparky
  • Witch Cauldron,a way to make over 30 new spells using old ones!
  • Confuse Spell,the spell which will make defenses hit other defenses
  • New and updated Side Quest Campaigns

Update Overview

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