Idea suggested by:MasterK2005

The witch cauldron is a new building unlocked at TH9,which unlocks to you new spells that have huge power,but possibly big housing space and lite and weak spells,but with special effects that will benefit you a lot throughout the battle.The Witch Cauldron has a really unique working mechanism,where it needs 1 or 2 older spells to create a new one.The WItch Cauldron Goes Up to level 5.

Spell Number 1:Zap Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Lightning for 2

Stats:Half the stats of your lightning

Special:It immobilizes the target for 3 seconds

Unlocked at:WC Level 1

Spell Number 2:Medical Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Healing for 2

Stats:Half of your healing

Special:The damage of the units that pass it doubles for 5 seconds after they leave

Unlocked at:WC Level 1

Spell Number 3:Radioactive Spell

Needed Spell(s):2 Poison

Stats:Double of your poison

Special:It deals damage to tower units,too(Archer tower,Wizard Tower)

Unlocked at:WC Level 1

Spell Number 4:Storm Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Lightning and 1 Rage

Stats:Double of your Lightning

Special:If you add 2 Lightning Spells,The defense will be stunned for 6 seconds(Wont triple the stats)

Unlocked at:WC Level 1

Spell Number 5:Power Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Rage for 3

Stats:Half the stats of a rage spell- speed effect

Special:Rage sticks for the user for 3 seconds when they leave the spell

Unlocked at:WC Level 2(TH9)

Spell Number 6:Joy Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Jump for 2

Stats:Half of a jump Spell

Special:When the joy spell is used,the units will deal 1/8 of their damage to the closest building

Unlocked at:WC Level 2

Spell Number 7:Demolition Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Earthquake and 1 Zap

Stats:Double of an earthquake

Special:It breaks walls alone no matter what

Unlocked at:WC Level 2

Spell Number 8:Ressurection Spell

Needed Spell(s):1 Healing and 2 Haste

Stats:Double of a Healing Spell

Special:If you add 2 healing spells,the dead unit with the most HP will be ressurected with 1/4 of its HP

Unlocked at:WC Level 2

Spell Number 9:Coming Soon!